Why Clients Choose Bonnie Westlin:

  • Extensive experience, and expertise in family law matters
  • Commitment to delivering first-class legal representation effectively and efficiently
  • Ability to look outside of the box for creative resolutions to family disputes
  • Personal attention and loyalty to our clients
  • Peace of mind during the uncertainty and anxiety associated with a legal proceeding


Client Testimonials

My former spouse and I used Bonnie Westlin’s mediation services to prepare for our divorce. While we knew we agreed on many of the points in the dissolution of our marriage, we trusted Ms. Westlin to guide us through the areas that would be more contentious. She did a masterful job, keeping everyone focused on the issues at hand. I feel that had we not had her as our mediator, we could have ended up with greater expense and more acrimony.

– G.H., Woodbury, MN

As the attorney handling my divorce, Bonnie was so much more than just my divorce attorney; she was an integral part of the network that saw me through that difficult period. The process could not have gone as smoothly as it did without her. In particular, she did a remarkable job at guiding me along the line between not being a doormat and being able to live with myself after the process was done. It would have been exponentially more difficult without her.

– A.L.

It was nice to have such strong representation in my corner during my legal struggles. It is stressful having to deal with family legal issues, but Bonnie put my worries at ease. She fought to protect my parental rights as well as keeping my child’s best interests in mind. She is an excellent advocate and truly cares for her clients which shows through her hard work and dedication. Not only is she highly knowledgeable on family law, but she is a true professional. Her explanation of the laws made it easy for me to make informed decisions regarding my case. She always got back to me in a timely manner with any questions or concerns that I had throughout the entire process. With her hard work, I got the best outcome for my child as well as for myself. I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone in need of a great family law attorney!

– Sheena L.

I received Bonnie's name from someone who highly recommended her as a divorce lawyer and I have to agree that she is exceptional! Her professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of the law brings great comfort when you are going through a difficult divorce. I wouldn't have known where to begin, trying to do this all myself, and I didn't have to as she took over the process for me with great efficiency and competency. It is important to have someone like Bonnie, who really knows what they are doing, on your side. She took all the stress and worry out of this process. She is warm, understanding and very easy to talk to. I couldn't imagine going through this without anyone but Bonnie! She truly has a gift of making a difference in peoples lives!

– Barbara L.

Bonnie was referred to me by a few of my close family members because of their first hand experiences with her professional expertise. Our case was not a standard case and had several complex moving parts which had to be managed in a sequential, prompt manner. I knew I needed the best, so I gave her a call. Bonnie's experience and expertise with Minnesota family law shined through as we moved forward with our process to obtain third party custody of two minor children. She was able to tenaciously proceed with our legal process with a calm and professional demeanor and keep our emotions at bay during this difficult time. I would recommend her to family, personal friends and colleagues facing any issues pertaining to family changes.

– Sarah W