Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Experience has shown that children weather a divorce far better when their parents work quickly and cooperatively to resolve their conflicts. Statistics also show that parties who mediate their disputes are far less likely to return to court in the future. The Law Office of Bonnie S. Westlin is founded on the belief that negotiating a settlement whenever possible will result in a far more satisfactory process - and result - for parties and their children, than engaging in protracted, expensive litigation.

Sometimes, a settlement cannot be reached between the parties, however, and Bonnie S. Westlin, Esq. will provide zealous, effective advocacy at trial if litigation becomes necessary. Clients can always count on the clear communication of legal options to assist clients in making decisions about their case.

Attorney Bonnie Westlin also provides mediation services, assisting parties interested in alternative dispute resolution as a means to address their conflict. Her mediation practice is focused on supporting the decision-making of the parties with respect to all aspects of their dispute.

As attorney, counselor and advisor, Bonnie S. Westlin is committed to helping clients make informed decisions by educating them about the legal process and by clearly communicating the legal options available. She works with families to find creative solutions to what seem like impossible problems.

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